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31648Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Memories of my Grandpa and the Sokol

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  • William C. Wormuth
    May 1, 2011
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      I do not have a copy of my last message to you but here is additional

      Vinné [Vee-ne]

      1249 Winna [Vee-nnah], 1258 Vinna, 1808 Winny,
      1920 Vinné, 1927 Vinná, 1948 Vinné; Hungarian Vinna
      District = Uz~ská [Oozh-skaah], county Michalovce [Mee-khahl-ohv-tseh].

      LASTOMÍR [Lahs-toh-meer]
      1288 Lezthemer [lehz-them-ehrr], 1302 Leztemer
      [Lehz-tehm-ehr], 1389 Lestemir [Lehs-teh-meer],
      1391 Kysleztemer (Hungarian), [Kysh-lehz-tehm-ehrr],
      1412 Fel Leztemer [Fehl Lehz-tehm-ehrr],
      1773 Lastomír [Lahs-toh-meer];
      Hungarian Lasztomir [Lahs-toh-meer]

      No Kladzan families are listed in the Phone directory. One Pikula is listed in
      Lastomir. He is : Ladislav Pikula - House No. 137, Lastomir.

      Phone, (From USA): 011-421-56-647-3217

      I will Forward a (jpg) Map copy of the towns via Your email.

      If you need more help ask and you shall receive.

      Z Bohom,


      From: "gklodzen@..." <gklodzen@...>
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      Sent: Sun, May 1, 2011 7:58:46 AM
      Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Memories of my Grandpa and the Sokol

      <<Is this the Place your family originated to?


      Yes, it is. My grandfather's surname was KLADZAN he was from VinnaBanka.
      Grandmother PIKULA was from the nearby village of Lastzomer. My father was
      born in Bitumen, PA.

      Eugene Klodzen

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