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  • Lou
    Mar 30, 2011
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      Dear Ron, dear fellow-Slovaks. I was born and raised in Slovak culture. I enjoy all aspects of it, whether here in USA or Michalovce, my home town, or Kosice or Btatislava which I've been visiting on average of 3 times per year since 1988. So, let's keep it alive for our own pleasure and hand it down to our offspring for their enrichment. But let's also add to our list of Slovak culture something that will demonstrate also SLOVAK HIGH CULTURE our literature, history, philosophy and hagiography, etc. Especially in English books, to enrich the English-speaking world. And to give it our west-east syncretistic weltanschauung - our values and our saints and heros. And let's not forget our works of art. SLOVAK BOOKS AND ART: our Best Ambassadors in the World and Our Most Viable Contribution. Majte sa Dobre, s uctou, LACI (Ladislaus J. Bolchazy)

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      The popularity of food, music, costumes and dance obscure another topic, traditional architecture. Here is a download that may be of interest to a few of you who are interested in how things were built.


      an International Methodology for Implementing a Database for Restoration Projects Gennaro Tampone and Michela Semplici Scientific Editors



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