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31375Re: [Slovak-World] Icon Museum in Bardejov

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  • helene cincebeaux
    Mar 30, 2011
      Hi Vilo,

      I love the Icon Museum in Bardejov too - there are so many treasures inside from
      icons that are hundreds of years old to a few that are brand new. Especially
      love the carved and painted gates.

      This is the only museum in the entire world that has a complete iconostasis
      inside. That is the painted facade that depicts the patrons of the church,
      biblical scenes, etc - there is a whole hieriarchy of meaning.

      The icons in this region are incredibly precious as they are not the stylized
      ones of the big cathedrals in Istanbul but are folky ones with the faces of the
      people. As you walk the village lanes you can see the very same faces as the
      ones painted on the two and three hundred year old icons.

      My all time favorite icon in eastern Slovakia depicts Christ holding a holy
      book with a horned cow peering over his shoulder. I think the cow depicts either
      Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. I bet one of Slovak World gurus knows which one!



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      Thanks for the info. I tookmy 9 yr. old nephew for a visit to Hervatov, in
      1997. Other Super places to visit are the Ikon Muzeum, (Bardejov City) and
      Muzeum in Bardejovske Spa, where there is a Wooden Church.

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      As always, Ron, thank you so much.

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      The popularity of food, music, costumes and dance obscure another topic,
      traditional architecture. Here is a download that may be of interest to a few
      of you who are interested in how things were built.





      an International Methodology for Implementing a Database

      for Restoration Projects

      Gennaro Tampone and Michela Semplici Scientific Editors


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