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  • LongJohn Wayne
    Mar 18, 2011
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      Which ideology?  What is its bias?

      Yes, WWII in many ways was a continuation of WWI:  The elimination of monarchies.  Unstable in WWI & even the stable in WWII.  In other ways it was different.   Slovakia, like much of the rest of Europe was tossed upon the waves, with border lines drawn by others.

      I don't understand the 'Barrell' reference or the Rom question, exactly.

      One thing the Intelligentsia has in common w/ Rom gypsies is that it is a symbiotic relationship.  Each is dependent upon the other, in many respects. I'm sure there are others similarities, dependencies etc.  But we are barely on topic here for this group. 

      I had understood Rusyns to be different & distinct from Russians.  Perhaps I have made an erroneous assumption. 

      Was Tito's blood drunk by his executioners?  I did not know that.  I don't see how it would help us in the here & now if it had been done.  Mussolini & Cecescu did not fare very well either.

      Not sure what to make of the rest.  I eat cows, chickens & pigs on occasion.

      What is the main point here?  And what exactly does any of this have to do w/ the Prague Spring?


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      I am amazed and still puzzled that in six years (33-39)an idealogy that carries such a bias, could have such "success" if that word is accurate.

      Many times I have read that wwII was basically a wwI continuation. Do you agree? If so, why.

      Don't get why rom gypsies would be singled out if germany gave back romanian lands to hungary in 39. If they were and if the germans did, shame on hungary for not realizing they were the next logical step. I work with a young lady who hangs with a gossip group and can't understand why she was their greatest supporter and now finds herself "in the barrel."

      Don't get what the "intelligentsia" have in common with rom gypsies.

      It appears that hitler was threatened by those who were more educated and spiritually more free.

      Thank you for providing the nazi link. I am an obsessive reader.

      I have noticed that no identified germanics ever write in to slovak listservs. Have to wonder how current german cultures feel about their wwII past.

      While it appears that russian occupation was equally destructive to slovak/hungarian cultures in other ways, I do see russians writing in, unless a rusyn is not a russian...

      Personally, I think hitler should have been destroyed in the same way as tito was or the survivors literally drank his blood as european conquerors did for centuries...

      I would like to think that such a thing could never happen again, but am not quite that naïve. Even today the Animal Rights people are fashioning a new socialist world devoid of animals for companionship or service or food. The humane society is NOT what they represent themselves to be.

      You can watch todays holocaust of our pets on pet-law@yahoogroups. If you join take it in digest, it is a very prolific and disturbing listserv. What is happening in the us for pets, especially dogs, is little different than what hitler did.

      As to AR, pennsylvania is a leader in obtuse ideocracy just like allentown churches. Just a year ago there was a bill before the pa legislature that dogs with docked tails and cropped ears were not even allowed to travel thru pa. Dogs would be confiscated at pa borders. While seeming preposterous and so ridiculous that it could never happen, it can. Ar is highly funded and focused on removing pet privileges whilst their future victims either think it can't happen to them or are so busy squabbling amongst themselves, they make themselves easier to conquer.

      I have this saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Hitler is no different in his chosen path, just more cruel in how it was done...dlb

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      Subject: Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Prague Spring: see also

      It is often forgotten that Jews were not the only victims of the Holocaust. It

      is very seldom mentioned that an estimated 5 million non Jews were slaughtered.

      These were by various nationality, very ill, homosexual, Romi, Various



      6 Million were Jews!

      Who Were the Five Million Non-Jewish Holocaust



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      In hungary the jews weren't transported north until the end of the war, a time

      when germany knew it would lose.

      How does this compare to czechkoslovakian deportation and why would forming

      slovakia be a roadblock?

      Since germany rewarded hungary as an ally by giving back lands removed by treaty

      of trianon 1920, how much of czech rep and slovakia land was affected and how?

      I have read the "gold train" which is little different from pillage and

      plunder...or deportation since to kill so many, so late as losers in the war was

      a more heinous form of "theft".

      Can you also explain the term "war criminal". As someone on the outside looking

      in, many persecuted as war criminals appear more as victims or rather people

      trying to survive under the most horrific of circumstances and most trying of

      times be they german, polish, czech, slovak or hungarian.

      It's not like people have a choice to the communities born to or the ability to

      foresee future.

      I hope my message comes across as being respectful....dlb

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      From: "William C. Wormuth" <senzus@...>

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      Subject: Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Prague Spring: see also


      I am one who agrees wholly with Monsignor Jozef Tiso.

      I believe that he formed the Slovak republik in order to save Slovakia from

      "invasion" by Hitler.

      Much was accomplished in improving the infrastructure an other during the reign.

      Monsignor, Tiso was not aware of the fact that Jews would be murdered but only

      exported from Slovakia.

      Most Americans are not aware of the fact that most business operations were

      Jewish, a leftover from the Hungarian rule.

      This is why ordinary citizens did not protest, believing that finally they

      could enter the business world.

      When they did find that the Nazi regime was killing them, the responded by

      hiding Jews, at the risk of facing Nazi German firing squad.

      The film Obchod na Korze, (Shop on Main Street), was an anti Tiso , communist

      propaganda toll but many true facts were in the film.

      Hanging Tiso was also a tool of communists, to show people how "Bad " he was.

      I consider Monsignor Tiso to be a Martyr for the Slovak people.

      I mourn the loss of Czech people during that trying time.

      My thoughts concerning the first Cechoslovak Republik are very negative. My

      friends and family related to me how very prjudicial against our people,

      treating them as second class citizenry, unable to govern there own towns.

      In Kúty, when the German Solders were about to retreat, they went door, to door

      warning the people that the Soviet forces were coming and to hide their young

      girls and any valuables.

      The first wave were Mongolian, uneducated soldiers. My cousins grandmother was

      raped, while on her death bed.

      Our Assistant Pastor here in Johnstown, NY, (and later administrating to the

      Sisters if Sts. Cyril and Methodius), Father Augustin Zan, was secretary to

      Monsignor Tiso. When communists took over, the people hid him until he was

      able, (with the peoples help), to escape to Germany where he administered to

      escapees from Slovakia.

      Communists tried to have him arrested as a "war criminal" and sent to the German

      government a doctored Photograph of Fr. Zan. standing amid bodies, holding a


      Father was First a Priest and Second, a True Slovak God Rest His Soul.

      Z Bohom,



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      Subject: RE: [Slovak-World] Re: Prague Spring: see also

      In case you're not aware: I have the pleasure and honor to be the publisher of


      Editesd by Prof. M. Mark Stolarik; 16 scholorly papers, based on new documents,

      photographs. {The world allowed Hitler to invade Czechoslovakia in 1938;

      Forty years later, the world allowed Russia to invade Czechoslovakia. It's a

      tragedy that our globe is still allowed to be controlled by warlords, while the

      rest of us citicens is passive. ISBN 978-0-86516-751-3 (Paper);

      978-0-86516-757-5 (Hardback); Amazon; Bolchazy-Carducci Publisherts, Inc.

      <www.bolchazy.com> Srdecne a dovidenia, Ladislaus J. (Laci) Bolchazy, Pres.


      your institutional library or to your political representative. SLOVAK BOOKS in


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      Slovaks greatly respected Alexander Dubcek. I once met a woman who said: " You

      know, Vilo, I live in the same apartment house as Dubcek", "Once I even touched

      his pants drying on the clothes line".

      When you live under the circumstances our people had, you simply make the best

      of everything. Complaining doesn't change anything.

      Z Bohom,


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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Prague Spring

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      Date: Wednesday, February 2, 2011, 9:20 AM

      Thanks for posting this, Chuck. It certainly makes me appreciate my freedom


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      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbbxw3To02g


      > Not sure if I got this here or from a Czech friend. Were any of you there for

      >this? Most of the pictures are of Prague. Does anyone have any links of the

      >events in SK?


      > chuck
















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