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  • smudsville@yahoo.com
    Mar 10, 2011
      We can always be friends. I like slovak men. They treat me like a lady, except for one. Just can't get married. I've been written out of the will tweist and got back in thrice. As long as daddy is alive, my escort must face his inspection.

      I find him quite amusing. Many don't understand that if he is picking on you, he likes you. He thinks that stress brings out the real person. Since my mother passed on he pretends to be asleep if he doesn't like somebody. When he went to his cancer doctor who also attended my mother, he was still mad at how they inserted catheter, so he pretended to be dead while the cancer doctor poked at prostate (supposed to be painful). He made up his mind to not flinch or move and didn't. He said that doctor thought he had died on the table and jumped up to daddys laughter.

      After he is gone I will need someone with a wonderful sense of humor. I will probably buy a clown. I certainly married and divorced one.

      Back to slovak world and learning more about the people who helped create a great hunter the vizsla, be they slovak or hungarian...dlb :)
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      If I am an ex-Catholic, does that mean that we can be friends?  Or is that also forbidden since I used to be one?

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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Churches

      The news about the vatican restoring 8 catholic churches in allentown was across

      the usa.

      Not that I am about cathiolicism, it made me happy since churches maintain


      40 years ago when I sailed off to college my dad told me I could marry anyone I

      wanted except for a catholic. The other day he said I could marry anyone but a


      I reminded him of his grandfather clause about catholics and that I was sticking

      to avoiding catholics.

      At 87 he is a feisty critter. No response, so I guess I still need to avoid

      catholics ;) dlb

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