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  • William C. Wormuth
    Jan 9, 2011
      Huuuraaaa! Lubos wins again!

      I hope everyone here appreciates the work that this young man has done especially in preserving our Slovak culture. 

      Lubos is versatile, clever and accurate in what he accomplishes.  He is also not afraid to learn  always displaying his humility. 

      Thanks to Helene, we were able to meet him both at the Slovak Embassy in Washington DC and at the Pitt Celebration.

      Z Bohom,


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      Subject: Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Learning Slovak & Slovak Pride surname list
      To: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, January 9, 2011, 11:40 PM


      Thanks to all - will pass on the suggestions -  was reading Lubos' latest

      www.Slovakcooking.com and noticed he had 4 language lessons posted - seems like

      a neat and simple way to begin and then my new friend can escalate with all your

      good ideas. We met on-line thru the Slovak Pride surname/villages list.

      Added 1,000 new surnames and villages to Slovak Pride during the 2010 year - now

      getting close to 30,000 listings. Get queries on it every day.



      From: Ron <amiak27@...>

      To: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com

      Sent: Sun, January 9, 2011 8:47:03 PM

      Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Learning Slovak


      How well does she wish to learn Slovak?

      How far does she wish to take it, to proficiency in academics, household use for

      a single/multiple visits, or just survival in tourism?

      I took the U of Pitt 10 week course last summer, 6 weeks in Pittsburgh plus 4

      weeks in Bratislava, and cannot praise it enough. It is good enough to take

      anyone as far as they can go. We had one super student and one old timer who

      proved the two extremes of what can be gained. The professors and lessons are

      top notch.

      I have collected several CD's and programs (including the CD's from the

      textbooks we studied from last summer) to listen to as I tour the US and try to

      expand my vocabulary and mastery of the language. The CD's are great for

      listening practice but none pretend to cover lessons or the grammar. They would

      be handy for building vocabulary or basic familiarity.

      For proper lessons I would be interested in hearing of experiences with Rosetta


      What I have to listen to are the four CD's from the A1 and A2 class books

      "Krizom Krazom", which are the best I have encountered. (and these are used at

      Pitt Summer Language Institute along with the exercise book), but the books are

      not, in my opinion, for self study. Other opinions are at


      For casual (and cheap) vocabulary and phrases check out


      and order their $10 book through Amazon. It is imperfect but better than most

      casual students will ever become.

      I also bought the CD's for "Slovak for You" "Exercise Book for Beginners" with 2

      CD's. It cost under Euro 10 at Panta Rhei in Slovakia and gives me a different

      set of voices and exercises to work with.

      To top it off I transferred the tapes from Buc's old "Slovak Language

      Laboratory" to CD, but have to rate them as ... terrible compared to the modern

      presentations. Slow, monotone, syllable by syllable. Very limited compared to

      the new works to be had.

      Taking the Summer Language Institute course is the best solution, it gives a

      great background in grammar and broad exposure to the language as used today.

      The books are bulky and heavy for travel, so for my drive around the USA I am

      carrying "Basic Slovak" by Mistrik. Then in the springtime I hope to return,

      having retained some ability to speak simply.


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      >  A friend asked me to recommend a software program to learn Slovak -


      > does anyone one have suggestions?


      > thanks

      > helene

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