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30327Can Slovak, Anglo mothers cope

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  • votrubam
    Oct 10, 2010
      "An English mother has three wonderful children, she works only from home, fortunately she has an au pair because to spread butter on toast for all three, to make their beds, defrost their ready-made food for dinner, to vacuum, iron, sweep the floor, this all would be really, really too much for an English mother," is among the opinions the authors of the book _Au Pair_ heard from Slovak nannies who worked for a total of 86 families in England.

      An interview with the researchers, the British anthropologist Daniel Miller and Slovak ethnologist Zuzana Burikova, is here (the right sidebar) along with links to the book details:


      English women love their children, their Slovak employees agree, but see them as unable to combine childcare, housework, and a career, which the nannies consider to be in marked contrast to Slovak mothers, who "can cope."