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  • votrubam
    Aug 2, 2010
      > I couldn't tell which was which when I saw them in the field.

      Hardly any Slovaks can, either, Margo.

      > I didn't see very many sheep at all (in Zliechov, even
      > though they make and sell bryndza there).

      Although bryndza and sheep are part of Slovakia's "modern mythology," neither is an important part of the Slovaks' real lives. Slovakia has substantially fewer sheep relative to its population not just by comparison to traditional sheep-rearing countries like Greece, Italy, and Hungary, but also, for instance, almost 90 percent less than Sweden.

      Free-market Slovakia had about 450,000 sheep before WW II, the Communists boosted it up to 700,000, but the number has gone down to under 350,000 since the return of democracy. On average, the Slovaks eat merely 10-15 ounces of bryndza per year.

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