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29323RE: [Slovak-World] Meaning of Mola Media, superior and inferior in the context of a molitor/miller.

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  • Plichta
    May 7, 2010
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      Frequently locations near each other are known as "UPPER" and "LOWER" or
      "OLD" and "NEW". Is it possible that the words you are looking at have
      several meanings?

      I can expect that the words for UPPER and LOWER might be similar to INFERIOR
      and SUPERIOR. I recommend you check the secondary meanings of the words.



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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Meaning of Mola Media, superior and inferior in the
      context of a molitor/miller.

      Hello everyone, I've got a question I'm hoping someone here might be able to
      help me answer. I've tried researching this, but it appears I need some
      expert help!

      I have ancestors who lived in Slovenska Ves, Slovakia, aka Totfalu and
      Windischdorf and apparently in at least one nearby town.
      In the FHC films, I have noted my ancestors occupation was stated as
      `Molitor' (miller) and his address was noted as "Mola Media", "Mola
      Superior" and I noted another probable relative had the address Mola
      Inferior". There were also periods interspersed, where his address was
      simply written as a number, as was (and is today) the common address
      indication for the town/village due to the small size. I should note it
      appears at least one of the middle records indicates he had a different
      profession than Molitor which indicated in records before and after, but I'm
      still deciphering the writing/meaning of that one.

      My question is, does anyone know what was intended by these various
      addresses denoted by medio, inferior or superior? Were there different mills
      on the same river? Was the note referring to the fact he was living in a
      secondary (media) millers house, and than later in a master (superior)
      miller accomodations?
      Thank you!

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