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  • Helen Fedor
    Apr 1, 2010
      That second picture esepcially, reminds me of something my mom made that we called <bejles~>. But instead of making individual "pies," she would make it on a sheet pan (kind of like apple slices) and would cut it up into squares measuring about 4" square (4"x4"). Her usual filling was fried, finely shredded cabbage. If there was only one layer of dough and the topping was put on top, like the 3rd image, then that's what we called <langos~>. Our <langos~> was baked, not the fried dough I had in the Tatry.

      All opinions my own

      >>> "votrubam" <votrubam@...> 3/31/2010 5:54 PM >>>
      >>> Some meals, such as large filled pies[???]
      >> Probably an attempt to render plnene' tas~ky (large ravioli).
      > ***HUGE pirohy

      That "huge" thing is a relative novelty in Slovakia. The authors of the chapter about historical folk cooking are probably talking about this traditional food:


      The cheapest ones would be filled with cabbage, otherwise with cottage cheese, bryndza, smoked meat,etc.

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