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28977Re: [Slovak-World] Currency Exchange for Visitors

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  • Vladimir Linder
    Mar 31, 2010
      They should change EUROS to US$ in Slovakia or
      use their credit cards for everything as the
      banks charges for international withdrawals are quite steep.


      At 04:30 PM 3/31/2010, you wrote:
      >At the end of May I will have a Slovak family
      >visiting for a couple of weeks. They have asked
      >me about changing money. When I travel to Europe
      >I use ATM's for that purpose. I don't know yet
      >whether they have a credit/debit card that
      >allows for cash withdrawals or not but I need to
      >find out. I know there are currency exchanges in
      >airports, at AAA, and some travel agencies but
      >the exchange rate is usually not a good deal.
      >Looking for suggestions to help this family
      >decide how they want to convert Euros to
      >dollars. Some on the list might have experience
      >with Slovak visitors. Thanks in advance.
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