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28761Nettles in Slovakia

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  • Julmarie58@yahoo.com
    Feb 27, 2010
      The nettles in Slovakia BURN rather than ITCH when you touch them. Niki got
      little red bumps on his leg from them but I just got a burn and a red
      irritation. I have to tell you all that I have so far been immune to poison
      ivy. Here is where I found that what we have in Slovakia is a far different
      animal from what we have in America: I hit a nettle patch, and it HURT. It
      burned for about 2 hours (maybe longer, but I got used to it.)

      The above statement was what Ben had to say about nettles. When I went to Slovakia with Helene's tour and I hired Mike Sura for a day to take me to my ancestral villages, he had me jump out of the car and take my picture by each sign as we entered the village. At one stop I stepped into a patch of this nettles and it does burn and when I looked down at the plant it looked just like our poison Ivy.
      A note about our poison Ivy, as a child I ran through it all the time on the way into our swamp to pick the blueberries and I never got it.
      I think this was because my mother made her own homemade soap from lard and lye and we used this for our baths and to wash clothes.
      About 8 yrs ago our Historical Society took on the project of cleaning a deserted cemetery with poison Ivy. I got it so bad all over my body and it took a few doctor appointments to get rid of it.
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