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27544Re: [Slovak-World] Sort of off topic - Czech R and the EU

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  • LongJohn Wayne
    Nov 1, 2009
      Those I spoke w/ while there expressed a strong desire to be independent.  It is not so much the currency, but the fact that Brussels w/ dictate a lot of regulations about everything from what can be cooked to how it is to be cooked in restaurants, sanitation and a lot more, including recycling, and virtually every action in daily life.  Those who expressed an opinion were adamant against ratification.

      They were also very upset that Germany & France could do whatever they wanted re: their budget deficits (that are well in excess of EU requirements), but that smaller nations in the EU were lectured by them.  There was a lot of resentment against some members not abiding by the rules themselves & they felt that it was hypocritical.

      There is a lot more than that, but it is enough for now.

      But many were silent & I did not know if that was in support or in rejection of those who spoke against.  And it is an unscientific survey.

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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Sort of off topic - Czech R and the EU
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      Can anyone explain why the Czech Republic won't ratify the treaty to complete the European Union?

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