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27015Re: [Slovak-World] Smearcase Cheese Recipe

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  • BJLK@aol.com
    Aug 31, 2009
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      I love collecting recipes--especially authentic Slovak recipes--so I had to
      look this one up. Thanks, Ben, for the url.

      Actually, this recipe is somewhat similar to an old recipe from the 50s
      that I have for Liptauer Spread, which calls for cream cheese instead of curds
      or bryndza.

      In case anyone else might be interested, here is my translation attempt
      (along with a few questions that someone might be able to clarify:

      Liptovský syr Potrebujeme:
      250 g bryndze alebo tvarohu, 100 g masla, sardelová pasta, cibuľa, horč
      ica, sladká paprika, kapary, mletá rasca, soľ.
      Maslo dôkladne vymiešame s bryndzou alebo tvarohom a ostatnými prísadami.
      Cibuľu nadrobno pokrájame. Môžeme pridať aj nadrobno postrúhanú
      sterilizovanú uhorku a namiesto cibule pažítku. Natierame na čerstvý čierny chlieb.

      250 grams bryndza or milk curds
      100 grams sweet butter
      anchovy paste
      onion (chives?)
      sweet paprika
      ground caraway seed


      Mix butter thoroughly with the bryndza (or curds), finely chopped onions
      (chives?), and remaining ingredients (small amounts? to taste?). Finely
      chopped pickles may be substituted instead of the chives. Spread on fresh
      black bread.


      The Polish-import grocery that I like to shop at occasionally carries a
      nice bryndza, so I will be trying this out as soon as I can put together the

      B. J.

      B. J. Licko-Keel (_BJLK@..._ (mailto:BJLK@...) )

      In a message dated 8/31/2009 2:56:28 P.M. Central Daylight Time,
      cerrunos1@... writes:

      Natierka means spread- and some families will make "bryndzova natierka"
      but not know what "s~mirkas" is-- like mine in Hozelec for example. NOW, in
      Ocova, s~mirkas was also interchangeable with "natierka" and there, making
      natierka could ONLY include bryndza. Otherwise, they would clarify the
      spread- as in a tuna spread, a mushroom spread (amazing, I may add!), and so on.
      Liptovsky syr... it is from the Liptov region (wow... really?) and
      includes mustard and a slew of other things. I found a great recipe here:

      It really is just wonderful.
      I am on a food kick, I guess.

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