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  • Bill
    Jun 3, 2009
      There is no Parcel Post available for international shipping anymore.
      Parcel Post has been absorbed by Priority Mail International and First-Class
      Mail International. The USPS international shipping methods to Slovakia are
      those listed below. Parcel Post is still available for domestic shipments
      within the USA but quite often, depending on distance, the rates end up
      being only a few cents different than Priority Mail.

      Global Express Guaranteed --- Very Expensive but is very quick with a
      guaranteed delivery time.

      Express Mail International --- Next Most Costly and Quite Quick.

      Express Mail International - Flat Rate --- Pretty much the same a George
      describedthe Priority mailing.

      Priority Mail International --- Somewhat Costly -- Priority Option if over
      the 20 Pounds of the Flat Rate.

      Priority Mail International - Flat Rate --- Once again pretty much as
      George described it.

      First-Class Mail International --- Lowest Cost but is limited to a max of
      of 4 pounds - It but can be slow.

      Once again this web page pretty much describes and gives the cost in table
      format for each form of shipping that it currently available by the USPS.
      It also describes Insurance and Customs Form requirements and also lists the
      items that are Prohibited and Restricted.


      The link below is a list of all countries and a link to the shipping
      information that the USPS will deliver packages and letters to.


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      No that is understandable!
      Good work.
      Jack Gergely
      Newport News
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      This is not Rocket Science.
      The United States Postal Service posts the rates and conditions on line.

      From experience I will correct the information in some of the previous

      There is a limit to the weight one can internationally ship in the Priority
      Mail Large Flat Rate box - it is 20 pounds.

      The volume of the box is one half a cubic foot: 12 inches X 12 inches X 6
      inches deep. These are the outside dimensions of the box provided free by
      the USPS.
      Therefore the inside dimensions are reduced by about one quarter inch in
      each measurement.

      If you can fit your items into this carton and the total weight exceeds
      about 6 pounds, you are matching the cost of sending the same parcel via
      parcel post. If your total weight exceeds 6 pounds but is less than 20
      pounds - you are getting a good deal since anything in excess of 6 pounds is
      traveling free.

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