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26191RE: [Slovak-World] German words translated?

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  • Dorothy L Fitts
    May 3, 2009
      This is the answer that I got from my niece on the word

      "Well, "paseker" is certainly not a normal German word and not one either
      or I are familiar with.

      However, from what we can see on Google, "Paseky" is the name of a Czech
      town on the Czech/Polish border.

      The inhabitants are known as "Paseker", and the adjective for anything made
      in that town or held in that town is also "Paseker".

      For example they have a musical festival there and it is known as the
      "Paseker music festival" (here is a link to a site about the festival,
      unfortunately in German: http://www.radio.cz/de/artikel/31185/limit)

      Paseker can also be a last name. Probably originating from that town as
      well, I very much assume.

      I also think I just came across the same page you are looking at in Slovak

      From what I can see there, I tend to think that "Pasekers" mean that the
      people in question were from that town. It is definitely not an occupation,
      at least not in German.

      Hope that helps!"


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      Any German experts out there - this is from an Evangelical church document
      in 1866

      Grundbesitzer - homeowner?

      Eheweibes - wife?

      Paseker - could this be an occupation?

      un seiners Eheweibes???? Anna Wawra von Katerzinitz - could this be her
      full name, maiden name????

      Any help is welcome!



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