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24062Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Bryndza in Cleveland

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  • William C. Wormuth
    Dec 1, 2008
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      Actually, if there is none available, the mix with feta is not bad.
       Don't be afraid to try the Ukrainian deli selections.  In Albany, NY they had three brands:  Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Romanian.  I selected Bulgarian because it was closest in odor to ours.
      Since there are different "brands" from  different areas in Slovakia, each of us would have a different special choice.
      It cost $3.75 a pound but was worth it.  I bought fro myself and two friends, both Krajani.  THEY WERE SUPER HAPPY, as was I.  Thus, I understand all of these messages in the thread.

      Hope you all find a source!

      From: Martin Votruba <votrubam@...>
      To: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, December 1, 2008 12:14:18 AM
      Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Bryndza in Cleveland

      > It sounds like you are getting two types of mixes here

      I'd agree. Perhaps even more.

      As to Polish bryndza, BJLK (glad to see you're still on SK-W), if it's
      marked as made in Poland and labeled _Podhale_ or _Podhalanska_
      bryndza, that would be good. That standard actually pushes it
      somewhat closer to traditional bryndza than what's coming out of
      Slovakia. Here's a paragraph about the European standardization of
      bryndza, and another one about how it is in the US:

      <http://www.pitt edu/~votruba/ qsonhist/ bryndza.html>

      ... in the middle column.

      > I will probably decline any

      I agree, Ben, it's quite difficult to know in the absence of
      regulations. French fries, Swiss cheese, Hawaiian pizza, Home
      cooking... none of that comes from where it says, nor is there any
      rule that something labeled "Slovak" or "Polish" needs to be imported
      from those countries.

      And even when there is regulation... . An agency tested salmon in a
      number of reputable delis and restaurants in New York a couple of
      years ago. Only about two(!) were really selling the fancy, expensive
      salmon from where all of them claimed theirs had come while all were
      charging the high price, of course.


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