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  • Dennis Ragan
    Sep 3, 2008
      Skype computer-to-computer calls cost nothing, video included if you
      have a webcam. Skype software is a free download. Skype computer calls
      to Slovakia land phone is 7 cents a minute. You can also buy Bizon
      phone time online for ladnd phone to land phone for 5 cents a minute.

      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, fbican@... wrote:
      > I may have mentioned this before, but thought it needs repeating.
      If you have a computer (and if you're here, you obviously do), and
      have a USB connector and broadband service, get an internet phone and
      Skype phone service. They're now down in the $10 range (I paid $29
      for mine).
      > http://www.usbphoneworld.com/ex-b.html
      > I just called from the USA to our friend Nick Holcz in Australia,
      and according to my computer, the charge was $0.02/minute. It sure
      beats my first $160 call overseas. It will pay for itself in just one
      short phone call.
      > If you want to contact that long-missed relative in the "Old
      Country", this is the way to do it.
      > Kindest regards,
      > Skeeter
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