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22532Re: marriage records question

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  • Martin Votruba
    Sep 2, 2008
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      > uzavrete manzelstva and zmiesane manzelstva.

      As Ben has already said, the phrase simply means "marriages registered
      [in this record]."

      > mixed Catholic and non-Catholic?

      Yes. The farther back we go under the Habsburgs, the more formal and
      customary regulations there were that governed such marriages.

      > groaning, "she's at it again about potatoes!"

      Oh, and in Russia to boot... 8-) But perhaps there's a Russian
      forum somewhere that knows about the ways of the Russian peasant.
      Could it stem from some (Older) Russian--(Polish)--English lexical
      confusion concerning potatoes and sugar beet? New crops had a variety
      of local names and the same name was sometimes applied to different
      plants. Eg., the Slovak _repa_ mostly means "sugar beet," but is used
      regionally to refer to potatoes (and also to beetroot, which is mostly
      called _cvikla_).

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