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22510RE: [Slovak-World] marriage records question

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  • Armata, Joseph R
    Sep 2, 2008
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      I believe uzavrete manzelstva here just means contracted marriages ("closed/concluded" like in closing a legal arrangement or business deal). You're right, zmiesane malzenstva means mixed marriages.


      > Anyway, I noticed that the film details for one village had some terms
      > regarding marriage records that I'm not familiar with: uzavrete
      > manzelstva and zmiesane manzelstva. (I didn't examine the latter
      > records, as they did not cover the time period I was searching, and
      > only realized there were two different labels for marriage records
      > later.) Looking at my Slovak dictionary, I'd guess that uzavrete
      > manzelstva probably means "private marriage"? The basic meaning
      > appears to be "enclosed", and by extension, "private"; while zmiesane
      > manzelstva seems to mean "mixed marriage". Wish I'd looked at those,
      > maybe it'd be obvious what they were--mixed Catholic and non-Catholic?
      > Or maybe "inside the auspices of the Catholic church" and
      > "outside..."? But if I remember right, civil marriages were non-
      > existent in the mid-1800s in Slovakia.....
      > Does anyone know for sure what these mean and why the marriage records
      > would be divided like this? The years covered do overlap, the
      > uzavrete manzelstva records cover 1798-1898,and the zmiesane
      > manzelstva records 1832-1864.
      > D'akujem za pomoc,
      > Julie Michutka
      > jmm@... <mailto:jmm%40pathbridge.net>
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