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  • Ben Sorensen
    Aug 31, 2008
      Diki, my thoughts were definately off, as I heard the name in Roznava- and just automatically took the name   (in a class register) to be male. I then just searched it, and found it in a Slovak search engine- and just kinda threw the "finding" out there without looking deeper. SORRY!
      The name Jolan is ONLY in the Hungarian calendar, and obviously it is female- in Slovak it would be Jolana.
      SO SORRY for my misinformation there. I do try to catch myself when I am hasty....
      PS, the link I put in my first email is valid. :-) It has saved me numerous times when I forget a "meniny."

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      It's Jolan, originally. The name is Hungarian but many Slovak women had the name, which corresponds to the English Yolanda. My grandmother was a Jolan, and was called Jolanka in her family, but she used the name Julia officially in America.

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      A friend of mine asked me about a name, supposedly Slovak, that is quite different. The first name is Yolan. Has anyone ever heard of that name?
      Dave Kuchta

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