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21923Re: [Slovak-World] Boric acid

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  • fbican@att.net
    Jul 7, 2008
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      When I finally found the boric acid, I think it was $4 for 5oz, probably a lifetime supply. They'd rather sell you the Baush & Lomb eyewash that costs far more. Same stuff, different price.

      When I was a kid, we also made sassafras tea, good for an upset stomach. Didn't cost a penny -- we had lots of sassafras growing in our woods.

      Sloan's Linament? I still have some. Principle ingredient? Turpentine.

      Hiccups? Hold your breath until you think you're going to pass out. Still works.

      Any other old-time remedies that I'm forgetting?

      Kindest regards,


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      Yeah, it comes in powdered form at some pharmacies (I boil water and add about one teaspoon to a condiment-sized squeeze bottle [once the solution has cooled] -- keeps my dog's ears clean as a whistle) -- but I too remember the eye cup and the boric acid wash -- great stuff!


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      My one eye was feeling "scratchy" today, so I tried my mom's old remedy. Sterile water with 1% boric acid (not easy to find any more) and 0.5% sodium chloride. Fixed it right up. Them old gals knew what they were doing when it came to home remedies. Chicken soup ("Jewish penicillin") , tea with bourbon, and a couple of other's, and you're good! Maybe later on I'll soak my feet in some warm water and epson salts. That was one of grandma Toman's favorites.


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