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21887Re: [Slovak-World] Bach?

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  • fbican@att.net
    Jul 4, 2008
      Nick, et. al.--

      The last concert I took my late father to was a performance of Saint-Saens third Symphonie ("The organ symphony")


      at the refurbished Severance Hall in Cleveland


      As part of the restoration, they took the pipes out from hidden behind a wall, and put them prominently along the back wall of the stage. Dad was so thrilled, he was disappointed when it ended.

      I've also attended a number of recitals at Kulas auditorium at Baldwin-Wallace College


      where they also have a fiarly good pipe organ.

      Cleveland, like most of the "rust-belt" cities, may have it's problems, but fine food and culture are not among them.

      Kindest regards,


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      > Skeeter, I am far from being an expert but we went to a small (
      > audience numbers) recital by Roger Woodward and he talked about
      > everything he played and I can remember him saying that fugues were
      > written for harpsichords. I love the sound of a harpsichord and pipe
      > organs. We were so lucky with the world famous artists who came to
      > the little town ( 10,000 people) and also the small amount of people
      > who attended.
      > I remember one of my friends at school who played the pipe organ in
      > the school chapel playing some pop tune and it made me realize how
      > good an instrument they are.
      > Lurch from the Addams's family plays the harpsichord (maybe).
      > regards
      > Nick

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