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  • skeeter
    May 3, 2008
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      For what it's worth, though somewhat unrelated, there was a push on here in the USA 30-some years ago to switch from the English measurement system to the Metric system. That never quite caught on. What did I get out of it? I had to buy two sets of tools. One metric for my Japanese motorcycles and German car, and one English for most everything else. I ws already savvy with the metric system (almost everything in the sciences was already measured in milliliters, centimeters, and the like). Now, if you don't know one from the other, you're out of luck.

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      Yes, perceptions are perception and the perception when Australia
      changed to decimal currency A$ ( way back in 1966, my God I am
      getting old) that prices went up and also when we changed our weights
      and measures system to decimal that the same thing happened.


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