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2104Re: Non-Slovak was Re: [Slovak-World] in God we trust

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  • Jan Lan
    Apr 3 8:18 PM
      At 04:27 PM 4/3/2003 -0800, you wrote:

      >"I'm too busy trying to drum up a Christian coalition to support the cluster
      >bombing of Iraq."
      >Ahhhhhhhhhh we do agree on something finally!!!!!!!!!

      Dear Jack S.

      I knew I could depend upon a God fearing man like you to support the
      disemboweling and dismemberment of those Iraqi heathens. I'm trying to get
      a buy the bomb program going with a provision that would permit you or your
      loved ones to designate the village or town you would like to cluster
      bomb. They're probably fairly expensive (but a bargain compared to those
      $600K cruise missiles), so you might want to get you church to sponsor a
      drive to get the money to buy one or more. This would be a gift that keeps
      on giving. I understand some of the bomblets (kind of cute name isn't it)
      can go off years from now. Remember, "it takes a cluster bomb to raze a


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