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  • Caye Caswick
    May 1, 2008
      This is just incredible -- the co-"oink"-ee-dink-al timing of it ...

      I was invited JUST YESTERDAY to a piggie roast in June -- alas I'll be in Israel and Turkey at the time, so cannot go, but I had to laugh at the way it came up right in the middle of this discussion. At first I thought they would be catering it; however, no, I was mistaken, they are cooking it in a pit -- which I'd really love to see, too bad. Maybe they'll capture it on video.


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      I'm going to stick with pig roasts for the time being. I'd probably be willing to try goat, too. But... I want to see you spit-roast a camel LOL!!

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      Regarding hog roasts,
      We have done that with sheep and kangaroo and this year will be
      trying goat. Spit roasts are great.


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