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20994Re: [Slovak-World] CHRIST IS RISEN !

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  • Caye Caswick
    Apr 27, 2008
      Skeeter, today is Orthodox Pascha here and all over the world -- Christos Voskrese!

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      Subject: Re: [Slovak-World] CHRIST IS RISEN !
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      Date: Saturday, April 26, 2008, 11:38 PM

      I guess it depends where you live. "Our" (USA) Easter was on March 23rd. Why am I aware of that you ask? Because I haven't been able to buy sekanice ever since. Looks like I might have to break down and make my own (sounds like a pain in the butt, though).

      I was aware that Christmas had several different dates, as well as new years, but I didn't know that Easter floated the same way as well.

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      Subject: [Slovak-World] CHRIST IS RISEN !

      Christ is risen !
      Indeed He is risen !

      Christos Voskrese !
      Voistenu Voskrese !

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