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20750Re: [Slovak-World] Czechoslovak cookbook

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  • Michelle Burke
    Apr 16 8:24 AM
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      Isn't that the truth! LOL! My husband (who has Slavic roots on his mom's side, but she did not cook ethnically like her mother) loves stuffed cabbage and all of the other things that we ate growing up. I actually haven't made stuffed cabbage in many years, but we get a fair approximation of a decent stuffed cabbage from our local grocery store/deli (despite the fact that the family owning it is Irish American), and, believe it or not, I actually like the Lean Cuisine version! (The tomato sauce is similar to but not identical to my Mom's.) Any way -- maybe I'll attempt stuffed cabbage myself next winter, for Christmas supper.

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      Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 9:43:34 AM
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      Hey Michelle, that's PRECISELY WHY you bring a huge batch of stuffed cabbage to the next Family Event -- you get to eat all the hard work if your nieces and nephews won't go near it.


      Helen Fedor <hfed@...> wrote:
      There must have been something in the air this winter. I made my mom's pirohy recipe for the first time in 20-25 years too (some with lekvar and some with tvaroh cheese). I'd forgotten how good they are. I agree with you on the "doughiness" and heaviness of brands like Mrs. T's.

      The Easter Bread Loaf with Meat sounds like the polnina ("stuffing") my mom used to make at Easter, until I saw the bit about the calf's head. My recipe (which I don't make as I'm not that crazy about it) uses ground ham and is more like a heavy quiche filling poured into a pot that's lined with a thin layer of bread dough and baked.


      >>> Michelle Burke <mcmburke@yahoo. com> 4/8/2008 4:13 PM >>>
      Now you've mentioned my favorite food group! But I have always found Polish pierogies disappointing, like the ones from the West Side Market -- too big, and too doughy. My mom's and grandma's pierogies were small, triangular pillows, bursting with goodness, boiled in water and then drenched in browned butter and onions. I made them for the first time in twenty years this winter, from the Anniversary Slovak-American Cookbook (available to this day from The First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association -- they have a website). What I particularly love about this cookbook is that it combines 50's American cooking (Jello Delight) with Velkonocna Hlavka (Easter Bread Loaf with Meat -- the recipe starts, "Some cooks boil a calf's head, the scrape off the meat and grind...) (although I confess that I haven't tried either one, and although my grandma made mean Jello cups, I don't think I've ever had Velkonocna Hlavka).

      My sister and I keep our childhood food traditions alive, but my brother (with two kids) and his Massachusetts- born Anglo-Scots wife isn't that interested -- her kids wouldn't touch stuffed cabbage with a ten-foot pole!

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      Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 8:05:58 PM
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      I'm lucky in that regard. Sophie's Choice Pierogis

      http://polisheats. com/polish- food/online- store/Pierogi. html

      are made right here in Cleveland, and easy to come by. I'm partial to the sauerkraut-filled ones, just sauteed in some butter and with some black pepper, and some kielbasa or bratwurst. Once in awhile they have the mushroom pierogis, but not very often. It's soul food for my old-world appetite.


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      ---Hey Skeeter,

      Don't forget to contact me WHEN you cook those periogies. I will
      volunteer to be your taste tester. lol


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