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20747RE: [Slovak-World] Re: Changing to Euro

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  • J. Edward Polko
    Apr 16, 2008
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      Hi Paul,

      I'm referring to the early 90's. I'M sure things have changed tremendously
      since then.
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      Greetings John et al;

      Thanks for the comment, John. No, I can' t remember seeing a shop called
      TUZEK or a crowd outside one anywhere during my travels in Slovakia on
      business or pleasure. "Foreign" goods are readily available in just about
      any shop around these days in Slovakia, certainly in the big stores like
      TESCO, Kaufland, and Carrefour. If you go into any of the malls around
      Bratislava like Avion, Au Park, or Polus City Center.... well it's like
      going into a mall in the US. You will see Levi, Foot-locker, Sony Life,
      Columbia Sportswear, Nike, Apple Superstore, etc. where you can buy
      "foreign" goods to your heart's content with Slovak crowns. You can even
      a reasonable selection of US foodstuffs in the grocery stores though my
      colleagues lamented not being able to easily find peanut butter or ginger
      ale. If you are willing to make a 45 minute drive to Parndorf, Austria,
      there is an outlet mall called McArthur Glen that would rival any outlet
      mall in the US. There is no reason to buy "western" currency on the black
      market to get these kinds of goods anymore as far as I could see.

      Paul in NW Florida

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