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  • Michelle Burke
    Apr 8 1:29 PM
      My dad used to go to 55th & Fleet to hang out, when he wasn't hanging out in the bars in our own neighborhood -- Buckeye Rd. About seven years ago, before my mom died, my husband and I went to a festival in Slavic Village -- we could tell that it was just hanging on as an ethnic enclave. There aren't any Slovaks left in my old neighborhood, but I still ordered my mom's funeral flowers from Ohrbach's Florist, which hangs on by word of mouth and she was buried out of the Benedictine Abbey (by Benedictine High School), which keeps its doors opened to old St. Benedict's parishioners for funerals. Times change, but memories keeps the past alive.

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      From: skeeter <fbican@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, April 6, 2008 5:57:13 PM
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      "Good to
      see someone else has my 'mixed' heritage.

      ... and is also unashamed."

      I'm not only unashamed of my lineage, I'm PROUD of it. I've made some friends here on this internet thing-a-ma-jigger, and it's been great.

      Unfortunately, the "Slavic Village" section of Cleveland has turned into a bad neighborhood, mostly hillbilly white trash. It's a far cry from when my grandparents lived there.

      Slavic Village's Karlin Hall will be put up for sale soon
      Friday, April 20, 2007

      Robert Smith

      Plain Dealer Columnist

      Ceska sin Karlin, a pillar of Slavic Village and one of the last remnants of the old Czech neighborhood, will soon fade into history. Trustees of the Fleet Avenue social club voted recently to sell Karlin Hall rather than battle rising crime and waning interest.

      "It isn't only the changing neighborhood. It's a changing lifestyle," said Joe Kocab, 75, a trustee who followed his father into the club. "The old bands are dying off. The kids are not as interested in the music. The money's not coming in."

      The Karlin club took its name from the neighborhood around Fleet and East 55th Street, once commonly called Karlin (car-LEEN), after a suburb of Prague, distinguishing the Bohemian neighborhood from nearby Warszawa, Little Warsaw, around St. Stanislaus Church.

      Czech immigrants founded the club in 1935 and their descendents sustained it with a busy schedule of polka parties and pork-and-dumpling dinners right up until this month. The club will stage its annual Button Box Jam Sunday, April 29.

      But members long ago scattered to the suburbs and some are reluctant to come back to a neighborhood beset with rising crime. Meanwhile, younger Czech-Americans aren't as interested in polka music and beer, two offerings that always paid the bills, Kocab said.

      All regular activities will continue as scheduled for now, he said, but the hall at 5304 Fleet Ave. will soon go up for sale.

      My Grandmother used to be a prominent figure there.

      One the bright side, Jaworski's Meats has moved out into the suburbs and is now much closer to my home. Oh well, I guess that happens everywhere.

      Kindest regards,


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      From: LongJohn Wayne
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      Subject: Re: [Slovak-World] Thanks, folks

      Thanks back atcha, Skeeter.

      One grandfather [father's side] was born in Vilnius &
      my mother's father was born in Parchovany SK. Good to
      see someone else has my 'mixed' heritage.

      ... and is also unashamed.

      Be well,

      --- skeeter <fbican@worldnet. att.net> wrote:

      > I just wanted to say "Thank You" to all for how
      > welcome I feel in this group. My grandparents came
      > from Prague, and my late father told me that I also
      > had roots going further back to Lithuania, Latvia,
      > Estonia, and Austria. I guess I'm the family
      > patriarch now (by default) and trying to hold onto
      > some of my heritage. This group has been a joy to
      > me.
      > I made some jaternice last week, and it was every
      > bit as good as I remembered it. The sekanice that I
      > had for Easter was wonderful, too. I probably won't
      > be able to get that for another year -- should have
      > bought a couple more and froze them away. I know my
      > nephews (mid 20's) have no clue what those are, and
      > probably couldn't care less. I might be the end of
      > the line for my Bohemian culture. Their loss, as far
      > as I'm concerned.
      > Slovak, Czesky, Polish, German, Austrian... take
      > your pick. I just want to keep hold of my European
      > heritage for as long as I'm on this planet. If you
      > ever need a Czechoslovakian recipe, I've got the
      > book, and I'll be happy to send one to you. I'm
      > also rather good at internet searches, and can find
      > more there as well.
      > My kindest regards,
      > Skeeter (aka, Franklin Bican)
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