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20629AW: [Slovak-World] Changing to Euro

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  • Sven Thomschewski
    Apr 6, 2008
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      Thats true the dual system starts in august and end after the 1st January
      2009. But you can pay in euro and SKK till the end of 2009. The prices has
      to assign in EURO in SKK till the end of 2009 and the natinal bank of
      slovakia is bound to take SKK back till 2013.

      The EURO has 5 EURO-Notes, 10 EURO-Notes, 20 EURO-Notes and so on and 2
      EURO-coins, 1 EURO-coins, 50 EUR0-Cent, 20 EURO-Cent and so on.

      I am from germany and I can tell nobody likes the EURO here, because
      everything got so expensive. The german goverment told us 1 EURO should
      worth 2 german marks. But this was a lie. 1 EURO is 1 german mark. Now
      everyone has much less money than before and the prices for food getting
      expensive more and more.



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      Does anyone know anything more about Slovakia's change
      to the Euro? I just heard that a dual system will
      begin in August or Sept and then the Euro will be the
      only currency after Jan 1, 2009.

      My friend who told me joked everyone will need big
      pockets as the Euro system has coins up thru the 10
      Euro, not paper as everyone is used to there. So money
      will be heavier.

      Also be sure to get all your Slovak crowns out and
      spend them or send them to relatives or friends in
      Slovakia- likely banks will take them but only up to a
      certain date - anyone know that date? Jan 1, 09? Or
      will there be a grace period? Maybe the Aug to Jan
      period is it!

      Sad to say goodby to Slovakia's attractively designed
      paper money. I know there may well be coins with
      Slovakia on the back but somehow it won't be the same.


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