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  • skeeter
    Apr 1, 2008
      If you do a little searching around, there were Slovak enclaves around Baltimore (port-of-entry for my ancestors), Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Ord, Nebraska. Do some "googling" around these locations and it might help you find your roots.

      The only reason I was familiar with the Kovacik name is that there was a Kovacik family directly across the street from me (Cleveland area) when I was growing up. They've long since passed away, as far as I know.

      Well, dinner for me tonight is going to be a casserole of sausage, sauerkraut, tomatos, and barley. I think it's authentic Bohunk food, but darned if I can find a recipe for it. No matter. It always turns out all right for me.

      Kindest regards,

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      Thanks, that was interesting. I knew my grandfather was in Los Angeles because I found him in the 1920 Census with a wife (my grandmother) and daughter (my mother). I cannot find him in the 1910 Census although I have a possibility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Appreciate your help!

      skeeter <fbican@...> wrote: Here's a little bit of info about the Kovacik name,


      Whatever you do, do not buy the book! I bought two of them, and they're expensive pieces of junk. No particular information, and filled with errors.
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      From: bojomo42
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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Thanks!

      Thank you for letting me join your group. I am tracing my grandparents
      who immigrated from Hungary to the USA. They came from the village of
      Osuske now in Slovakia. Their surnames were Kovacik and Danko. My
      grandfathers mothers name was Malatinsky and my grandmothers mothers
      name was Schulz. If anyone has any information on either the surnames
      or the village I would appreciate hearing about it.
      With Respect,

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