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20490Re: [Slovak-World] American shows/soaps on Slovak TV

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  • helene cincebeaux
    Mar 6, 2008
      HI JULIA -

      Don't know if Dallas reruns are being shown on
      Slovak TV - at one time it was so popular. I think
      Slovak TV now has their own versions of soaps and
      American Idol.

      I do know last summer the whole country was
      watching the Slovak version of a dancing competition -
      the twist was each pair of participants was doing it
      for someone in dire need, a girl who need facial
      surgery, a family of 12 that needed a new roof, etc.
      and they featured the participants interacting with

      A really touching one was the middle aged mother
      who was participating for her handicapped son in a
      wheelchair to get some special schooling. She turned
      out to be a marvelous dancer - along with a super
      partner and won. Her son won some specialized training
      at an outstanding technical school.

      It was really interesting and after the competition
      was over - the Slovak banks got in the act too and
      donated money to the other persons in need.

      We were visiting in a Slovak home for a few nights
      and this was the big show! Everything stopped while
      the family watched.

      I really did enjoy the interaction of the
      participants - the young hip couple visiting the 12
      member family in a remote Slovak village, etc.


      --- Matchett <wmatchett@...> wrote:

      > Can anyone tell me if "Dallas" reruns are still
      > being shown on Slovak
      > TV?
      > Or, are shows like "Survivor" or "American Idol"
      > being shown?
      > Has anyone had the opportunity to watch TV in
      > Slovakia in the past
      > couple years and what were the Slovaks watching that
      > was American?
      > Thanks for any input on this. Julia Matchett

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