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20479Re: [Slovak-World] Spiesz ch. 14 (1960-1989)

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  • LongJohn Wayne
    Mar 3, 2008

      That is what Communists do. They always have. The
      only places left like that are Cuba & North Korea.

      If given power [or if no one rises to stop them], they
      will do so again. It is the nature of the
      totalitarian state.


      --- J Michutka <jmm@...> wrote:

      > We were so close to finishing this interesting book
      > when the
      > discussion kind of petered out; any chance we can
      > pick it up and
      > finish it (short ch. 14 and lengthier Afterword),
      > esp. since we have
      > Dr. Bolchazy on our list?
      > I had marked a passage at the beginning of chapter
      > 14, p. 257:
      > "People began to look more and more for an escape
      > from this
      > 'paradise',.... escape became increasingly possible,
      > no longer
      > requiring hazardous passage through barbed wire
      > fields and roadblocks."
      > My question is--and I beg everyone's indulgence of
      > my ignorance--when
      > did the barbed wire, roadblocks, etc go up to start
      > with, and what
      > reasons/excuses did the gov't use (both to their own
      > populations and
      > to the outside world) to explain or justify
      > basically imprisoning
      > entire countries such as Czechoslovakia? Back on p.
      > 252 Spiesz says
      > "Between 1950 and 1952 a veritable hell of Communist
      > oppression
      > engulfed Slovakia [I assume it was the entire
      > then-Czechoslovakia--
      > jm] as the Communist regime dropped the mask from
      > its criminal
      > face,... It went about prosecuting, imprisoning,
      > and executing
      > friend and foe alike." So my *guess* would be that
      > these external
      > barriers must have appeared about then; but it's
      > relatively easy to
      > hide or justify imprisoning individuals--not so easy
      > to justify the
      > imprisonment of a country. How'd they do it, how'd
      > they get away
      > with it?
      > Julie Michutka
      > jmm@...

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