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20012RE: [Slovak-World] Re:Yenkovce; Michalovce; Uzhorod

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  • konekta@nm.psg.sk
    Jan 3, 2008
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      Dear Rick,
      Sorry, but you are wrong. Vysoke or Vysoka does not relate to any specific
      area of Slovakia.
      Places with such name can be found in various areas, even in flatland like
      Vysoka pri Morave on the austrian border.


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      I am sorry if I am wrong.. but the times I have been to Slovakia.. Vysoke
      relates to the area in north central.. Vysoke Tatry. Again if I am wrong pls
      forgive me. I am learning about Slovakia and the information I am getting
      here on Slovak_World has been great for me.

      Thank you to everyone that posts and answers questions.

      iski111@aol. <mailto:iski111%40aol.com> com wrote:
      How about "Sobrance"?? All my family are from that eastern section.? My
      Mother keeps refering to "Vysoke", but I couldn't find it on the map.? Was
      there possibly such a village around the turn of the Century?? Family names
      of: Hresko, Uhelak, Kollar, Lences, Iski.

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      Subject: Re: [Slovak-World] Re:Yenkovce; Michalovce; Uzhorod

      Thanks for sharing, cool pix.

      Yes, things are rapidly changing there, their currency has skyrocketed and
      their infrastructure is being built very quickly.


      maureen <maureen@deefalt. <mailto:maureen%40deefalt.com> com> wrote:
      I have photos of the area in and around Uzhhorod from my trip in
      October-November 2003 posted at:

      http://www.pbase. <http://www.pbase.com/mpulignano/the_2003_trip>

      I am eager to return. My daughter, with whom I traveled in 2003, was in
      Uzhhorod again in 2006 and reports amazing changes in the city. She spent
      traditional Greek Catholic Christmas (January 5-6) with our family in
      Andriivka. Photos from her trip can be seen here:

      http://www.pbase. <http://www.pbase.com/mgalbraith/christmas_in_ukraine>

      Happy New Year to All!

      Maureen Mikovics

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      Rick Sonzella

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