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19671Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Happy Feast of Nicholas

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  • Marianne Petruska
    Dec 6, 2007
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      Think back to "the Great Depression" era in the U.S.: If you lived in a
      cold climate, had a big family & along with whatever other gifts each of
      your 8 kids received s/he got 2 or 3 lumps of coal in her/his stocking (for
      whatever reason) put all those lumps of coal together you've got heat for
      your coal stove for Christmas!

      Having coal miners among my ancestors (and a few in my generation of
      cousins) we have a different perspective of coal. Still there were those
      cultures that saw "coal in the stocking" as a gift for a bad child.


      On Dec 6, 2007 2:36 PM, Mader, Michelle A. (GRC-CHC0) <
      Michelle.A.Mader@...> wrote:

      > Rick,
      > The feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated in many European countries. I
      > know that the Germans and the Dutch celebrate it. Children put out
      > their shoes and St. Nick fills them with small gifts if the child was
      > good and coal if the child was bad. My German husband got to witness
      > some children receiving coal when he was little.
      > I have lied in the US my whole life, too, but it may be because I grew
      > up in an ethnically diverse area and Catholic that I am aware of this
      > feast day.
      > Michelle Maco Mader
      > Cleveland, Ohio USA
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