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  • Donnamarieboyer@aol.com
    Dec 4, 2007
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      Thanks Mary. I was adopted as well. I was able to meet my mother, only once,
      and she died a month later. At age 52.
      It has been hard for me because almost all are deceased and cannot give me
      much information. I was able to get MUCH because my grandfather, Anton Kons,
      from Piekielnik came to USA in 1914 and was drafted into the Army not speaking
      one word of English. He married his sweetheart from Piekielnik in Chicago in
      1918 and they had 4 kids. In 1921, being discharged from the Army, he was
      going crazy and lost it. Never recognized his wife or babies. He was placed in
      Elgin Hospital for the rest of his life. For MY LUCK, I wrote the hospital and
      requested his records and there, in witting I was able to actually
      understand his mind. The nurses had written stories in his file about him thinking he
      was being chased. They also wrote of how much he spent his time praying and
      carrying a cross. The file was about 60 pages. All sorts of stories so I was
      happy to actually knowwwwwwwwww what was going through his mind while he was
      there until he died.
      I am sure he was upset and like many people, regretted having left
      Piekielnik, where his mother and father and 12 brothers and sisters were to come to
      America and find himself in a rat hole for not being educated, speak the
      language and so many children. I feel for him and the rest.
      His son, Edward had married in Chicago and had 4 kids. Wife took off with
      another man and left him alone with 4 kids. Social services took me and my
      sister away and we were given in adoption. I was in foster homes from 2-5 years
      old. Then adopted by a military family and taken overseas to Japan, Bolivia,
      Panama, Puerto, Rico, etc.
      Now I am 56 and have been searching for family for 10 years already.
      Thanks to everyone who has been able to help me understand.


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