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  • marlboro2005
    Dec 3, 2007
      Hi Everyone. We all know that there are bad things said about My
      Space but....... I would like to comment that if you use it in a good
      way it can serve you as a resourse for genelaogy. When I was
      searching on My Space, I entered the surname Kons and also
      Piekielnik. After attempts of trying to find someone in the Kons
      family I was able to contact someone. I wont mention names but it
      took me, to be able to talk to her parents. I sent her parents
      information on our Kons family and was able to FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
      after years....find out that our actual surname of Piekielnik is
      written Kas. Records here in the USA have the Kons as Kons but in
      Poland back then it is Kons. Her parents called their grandmother in
      Poland and they said that all my surnames are all familiar in the
      town and that we ARE related but dont know down what tree yet. The
      family is going to go to the church in Piekielnik ( which Piekielnik
      only has 1 church I was told, St. Jakub's) and they are going to
      talk to the priest and dig up records for me. I am IN HEAVEN and
      happy that this tecnique of using My Space helped me sooooooooooooo
      much doing my research. We are the only Kons ( Kas ) in Poland (
      Pekelnik) and here in USA the surname Kons ( Kas ) are only few.
      There are one Kons from Germany that go way back but arent ours. Ares
      are Austrian-Hungarian/ Slovak. Now I have to sit and wait while the
      work gets done in Poland for me. Until the priest can actually look
      up dates and take the pictures of my great grandparents cemetery. I
      am only so smotioned you can only imagine !!!!
      Good Luck to all !!!!!!!
      My Best Wishes, I will keep you updated.

      Donnamarie in NM
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