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19635Re: [Slovak-World] Stumped again.

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  • Mark Sabol
    Dec 1, 2007

      The words are "l'advina," an alternative word for the apparently more common "oblicka" = kidney, and "vychodisko" (one word), which can mean either a point of departure or, abstractly, a solution or resolution to a problem. The phrase "umela l'advina" means artificial kidney, the use of which a kidney transplant would make unnecessary..

      Mark Sabol

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      Dear friends,

      I'm stumped again. Received a letter from my wife's cousin in Bukovec in
      which she states, "Ja som vas^ne chora, z lyhaly mi lodviny a chodim na
      dialyzu. Neviem c^i viete c^o to je. To c^isti moju krv stroj (umela lodvina.)
      Vycho disko by bola transplantacia, ja no to velku nady nemam".
      My translation goes something like this,,,,I am quite ill and I go for
      dialysis.(but the "z lyhaly mi lodvina" I don't get except that it has to do with
      bad kidneys....is that correct?). Then it continues "I don't know if you
      know what that is. This cleans my blood with a machine....but what is "umela
      lodvina"? Then I have it continuing as....It would be better had I a
      transplant but I have not the wherewithall for that.

      Therefore I have 2 questions with the word "lodvina" involved in both. I
      don't know whether I have ever heard this word at all. Any help would be
      greatly appreciated.

      Come to think of it, I'm not sure if I have read correction the words "Vycho
      disko" Do those words make sense to any of you? So make it 3 questions I
      need answered


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