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19446Re: [Slovak-World] Cukalovce and Zamutov

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  • Mark Sabol
    Nov 8, 2007

      My mother's family was from the village of Kolackov near the town of Stara Lubovna in the northern part of former Spis County, and my father's family was from the village of Bela nad Cirochou near the town of Snina, in former Zemplin County and 10 miles due south of your C'ukalovce.

      Mark Sabol

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      Hi Mark,
      I was wondering where your Ancestors hail from?

      Mark Sabol <marksabol2@...> wrote:

      Here's the web site for the small town of Zamutov:


      If you click around that site, you will find several pictures that will give you an idea of the area. I would guess the town has three to four thousand inhabitants. The larger town of Vranov is 5 miles to the east, and the cities of Kosice (about 250,000 people) and Presov (about 100,000) are 10 - 12 miles to the southwest and northwest, respectively. So, although Zamutov is in a farming district, there are fairly large population centers nearby. The whole region of eastern Slovakia has an unemployment rate of close to 20%, so poverty can be a problem, although many people know how to live reasonably well on little cash income.

      On the other hand, Cukalovce has 153 people.


      and is remote, surrounded by wooded hills and other small villages and is at the edge of a forest reserve. A few miles northeast of Cukalovce is the Carpathian Ridge, which forms the border with Poland. The area is rich in natural beauty but has essentially no industry, little commerce, and only a few farms of any size; so it has an even deeper poverty problem.

      Those sites give the names of the mayors, as well as their mailing addresses.

      Mark Sabol

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      Subject: [SPAM] [Slovak-World] Cukalovce and Zamutov

      I would like to know more information about the villages of Cukalovce
      and Zamutov.
      Does Cukalovce still have a small population? Is Zamutov still a big
      farming area? Do these villages have Mayors? Their names? Are these
      poverty areas? Any info helpful to me in my research of my family tree.
      Bonnie Seech-Dailey

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      Bonnie A. Dailey
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