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  • nhasior@aol.com
    Nov 2, 2007
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      I would just like to add that I have had absolutely no problems with Greg or
      any orders from Iarelative.com and it is a great place to get good items. I
      would trust the folks who wrote to tell you that Greg is honest and will honor
      your order. Greg is one of the best!
      But it does happen that things are not always smooth. Many years ago, I had
      ordered very special and detailed maps of Slovakia and Poland from Omni Maps.
      They have some of the finest maps of places in the world and especially of
      Slovakia.( Even areas like where to find good fishing and where to go hiking
      and where to find castles etc..) Your average store does not sell any maps
      of Slovakia... forget about the detailed ones.
      Well, it was weeks and weeks and my check had been cashed and only one or
      two of the maps had been sent. I called and wrote and emailed and finally
      gave up. Members of Slovak World assured me that this company was okay and
      that they were very pleased with how their orders had been handled in the past.
      So I did feel much better about waiting. The rest of the maps did come
      eventually. Part of the order was held up waiting for one special map of the
      Kezmarok area. I was so happy to get them but I do remember how frustrated I had

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