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1931Thank You

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  • Amanda Lovitt
    Mar 23, 2003
      In amongst all the hoo-hah that I disagree with and have just about worn out
      my delete key on, comes a wonderful piece of information on my Slovak
      genealogy that I must say thank you for:

      My great-grandmother was Hermine Weiss, and my great-great-grandmother was
      Betti Steiner.

      So thank you for adding some information to my family tree.



      > >
      > > >From the history book of Kúty, published by the Zahorske muzeum in
      > >
      > > Before 1918 there were 6 Krc~my, (taverns). Still in Operation are,
      (1992), "Tonka", formerly owned by Jewish Weiss, U Feru, formerly
      > > owned by Jewish, Klinger, one on Radlinsky Street, once owned by Jewish
      Lajos~ Steiner.
      > >
      > > Further, there were in the hands of Jewish people, a factory, bakery,
      lumber mill, meat store, starch factory.
      > >
      > > This article shows that not only taverns but stores and factories were
      owned and operated by Jewish people and that none were owned by
      > > the Slovak population.
      > >
      > > Vilo
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