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19238Re: [Slovak-World] translation of embroidered phrases

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  • Regina Haring
    Oct 4, 2007
      Dear Joe,

      Thank you - there is someone whose mother is Croatian in my grandson's class at school - she met her American husband when he was there in Croatia with the U.N. - and I'll have to show it to her. That's a lovely, romantic saying!
      So the root is some form of "zhiv" - as in Dr. Zhivago, for instance.

      I belong to a spinners and weavers group (as a knitter only) and I'll bring the Hungarian piece to show them. I just can't think what use it could have besides a decorative one - it's too stiff for a dish towel, but it's attractive. It's the fact that the design is only at one end that makes me think it should hang over a rod, perhaps.


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      I think the first one is in Croatian: "I love you my darling, I'd give you my life."

      That letter you were unsure of would be z in "zivot" with a mark over the z.

      For the Hungarian one, 24 inches wide was about the maximum width of an average village loom, so that determined the width of the textile. It sounds like homespun linen or hemp.


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      > Doing a bit of fall cleaning and came across two embroidered
      > pieces with sayings on them.
      > One I believe I was told was Polish - there is a picture of a
      > young man proposing to a girl, about to put a ring on her
      > finger and it says:
      > "Ja Te ljubim dragi moj, dala be Ti *ivot svoj." I'm not sure
      > of the first letter in "*ivot" which has an inverted "v" over
      > it, but I tend to think of the word for live or life? It must
      > begin "I love you my dearest", no?
      > It's very attractive, being nicely done in royal blue outline
      > stitch on linen.
      > As for the other one, I just Googled and discovered that "Jo
      > reggelt" means "good morning" in Hungarian. There are red
      > cross stitich roses and dark green leaves on heavy, coarse
      > linen, and the words are in red - the design is only at one
      > end. It's over a yard long, and about 24 inches wide - I
      > wonder what its use would have been - it's way too grand for
      > a dish towel.
      > Regina


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