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19209RE: Off topic - Does anyone know what happens when a state shuts down?

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  • Mader, Michelle A. (GRC-CHC0)
    Oct 1, 2007
      The Federal Govt. has shut down in the past. Essentially it's
      a gigantic layoff caused by Congress not passing a budget. In
      that case, everyone goes home except for a few designated emergency
      people. The consitutents who are being hurt by the shutdown
      (e.g. Social Security recipients) throw a fit (rightly so) and
      contact both the press and their representatives. Within a
      few days to 2 weeks (longest shutdown I remember) a new budget gets
      passed with whichever political party caused the shutdown believeing
      they have taught the other side a lesson. The federal employees go
      back to work and back pay for the time off is normally included in
      the new budget.

      Michelle Maco Mader
      Cleveland, Ohio USA
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