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18855Re: [Slovak-World] Interesting Slovak Embroidery

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  • Helen Fedor
    Sep 5, 2007
      It doesn't sell embroidery, but there's a blacksmith's shop in the center of Kos~ice that sells traditional and contemporary items. I bought some lovely little fish (made of glass "blobs" surrounded by shaped wire--very nice and they make inexpensive little gifts to bring back) in various sizes. The shop is located on Kovacska (how appropriate) ulica, on the block (or 2) north of Mlynska. Sorry, but I can't remember the name of the shop.


      >>> J Michutka <jmm@...> 09/04/07 9:37 PM >>>

      On Sep 4, 2007, at 9:06 PM, maxine wrote:

      > Helen, where is ULUV? Do you or anyone knows of a place these can
      > be purchased? thanks maxine sasala

      See: http://www.uluv.sk/en/web/home/

      There are several Ul'uv stores in Slovakia; they sell traditional
      crafts. I hit every one I can, when I'm in Slovakia! Last year I
      noticed that a couple had closed since my previous trips; probably
      the above website tells where each is. NB there are at least two in
      Bratislava, one of which is larger and has workshops/classrooms
      behind it, and the last room on the right has all kinds of stuff for
      making folk costumes, really fabulous! It's on Obchodna Ulica, maybe
      a 10 minute walk from Michael's Gate.

      The one in Kosice was gone last summer, but there was another folk
      arts store that sold those embroidered pictures under discussion--I
      know, 'cause I bought one there. That shop is interesting because it
      also showcases and sells the work of artists using traditional arts
      to make contemporary designs. I can't get to the name and address of
      the store right now, but I'll get it tomorrow and post it; it's a
      great place to stop and shop if you visit Kosice, easy to get to,
      just two blocks away from the Hlavna Ulica.

      Aargh, these discussions make me want to get back to Slovakia! Wish
      I could afford to go every year!

      Julie Michutka
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