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18599Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Cathoic World Youth Day 2008

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  • Edie
    Aug 7, 2007
      I always thought that the late Pope John Paul II was Polish.

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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Cathoic World Youth Day 2008

      Not Rusyn, not Ukrainian. There was one article in the Ukrainian
      American press wherein such a spurious claim was made, but it had no
      citations. All authoritative biographies of the late Pope JP II
      traced his ancestry quite thoroughly and there was no evidence
      whatsoever to show that he had Eastern Slav ancestry.

      If the esteemed pan prevelebny Kopchak has some reliable source that
      demonstrates otherwise, I would be most assuredly delighted to read

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      > Hi Greg, I have heard many times that Pope John was part Rusyn.
      Is that true? If yes, where can I read about it? By the way, just
      wanted to mention and thank you for all of the hard work you have
      done to teach us about Slovaks and Rusyns. Really appreciate it,
      especially when someone like myself is fairly new with computers
      and just plugs along. thanks so much. maxine sasala
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      > From: Gregory J Kopchak
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      > Subject: [Slovak-World] Cathoic World Youth Day 2008
      > World Youth Day was created by a high ranking Roman Catholic
      prelate with
      > Polish Carpatho-Rusyn roots.
      > It is now a Catholic tradition.
      > Check out the information on World Youth Day 2008 and Pope
      Benedict XVI
      > http://worldyouthday.slu.edu/
      > World Youth Day has touched millions over the world.
      > Greg Kopchak
      > www.iarelative.com

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