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18592Re: [Slovak-World] Utah Coal Mining Disaster and the Slovaks

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  • Marianne Petruska
    Aug 7, 2007
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      Being the daughter, niece, cousin, great-niece, grand-daughter &
      great-grand-daughter of coal miners, my heart is heavy at the thought of
      what those families in Utah are going through. Our prayers are with them at
      this time.

      Though Dad was only a miner for a short period of time, some of my cousins,
      both grandfathers, 1 great-grandfather & a great-uncle spent years as
      miners. My late parents cringed every time there was news of a mine
      accident such as the one in Utah. My father lost several cousins to a mine
      accident in the early 1960s.

      There are several sites on coal mining in southwestern PA, among them:
      (On that site you'll find links to other sites on mining.)

      Immigrants coming to the U.S. today complain about the minimum wage &
      working conditions, yet none of them endures what the immigrant miners and
      their contemporaries of 100 years ago had to endure.


      On 8/6/07, Gregory J Kopchak <greg@...> wrote:
      > About half of of all Slovaks living in America are here because of coal
      > mines. Others to steel mills.
      > Last week on another message base someone mentioned that an American
      > marriage between two Slovaks from nearby by villages in Leisenring
      > Pennsylvania could have been pre-arranged in the old country.
      > The fact is that the Frick Mines recruited workers from both villages in
      > Slovakia.
      > In many cases, Frick and others ended up with 50% of the population of a
      > village.
      > Better pay, better living, and safer conditions.
      > Ain't America great!
      > Actually in the long run America was great.
      > Check out....
      > www.iarelative.com/mines.htm
      > My grandfather is in the front row.
      > Greg Kopchak
      > It's All Relative

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