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18587Re: Cheese after wine

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  • Paul Guzowski
    Aug 7 5:38 AM
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      Sounds like the age-old argument over the sparkling wine called
      "Champagne"....A similar argument transpired between Hungary and
      Slovakia over Tokay/Tokaj wine. Italy produces wine from Tokay grapes
      and they are grown in California as well but I'm not sure they got into
      the fray. Another such debate, though internal to one country was the
      famous dispute regarding Sacher Torte in Vienna. It was first produced
      when a young apprentice pastry chef named Sacher invented it for a
      special royal occasion while working for the Demel cake and coffee house
      in Vienna. He later left Demel and started his own business, the Hotel
      Sacher, and began producing the cake there. Since Demel was still
      producing the cake a dispute arose over who was producing the "Original
      Sacher Torte" and the case went before a judge. He is said to have been
      really perplexed and finally decreed that Demel could produce the
      "Authentic Sacher Torte" and the Sacher Hotel could produce the
      "Original Sacher Torte".

      Paul in Bratislava
      Homebase in Carlisle, PA
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