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18584Re: marriage witnesses

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  • Sinbad Schwartz
    Aug 6, 2007
      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, Margo Smith <margolane61@...>
      > One of the topics that has piqued my interest from the beginning
      has been the selection of baptismal godparents and marriage
      witnesses. I have systematically gathered this information.<

      Recently I was reading "Tradicie Slovenskej Rodiny" (Slovak Family
      Traditions), or rather the short English summary in the back of the
      book. On the subject of christenings I found: "Christening was a
      family celebration of the birth of a child, in which up to the
      nineteenth century only women participated. The christening held by
      women was characterized by free entertainment followed by he singing
      of songs with erotic texts."

      I could only trace my family back to the beginning of the nineteenth
      century. In all cases, godparents were a male and a female, which by
      definition is correct (up until recently). I wonder if the godparents
      were a man and a woman and the celebration was only for the women? My
      Slovak is too limited for me to go into the body of the Slovak text
      and pick up the details. Has anyone ever heard of this tradition?

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