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18574Re: Cheese after wine

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  • amiak27
    Aug 5, 2007
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      Jumping back to a 'cheese war' from last February, there was
      discussion about a Slovak-Polish argument for the rights to a special
      cheese from the Tatra Mountain region. I just stumbled across a
      Polish site, in English, presenting their side - and showing a map of
      the area that includes primarily Slovakia. They make some intersting
      statements such as
      "Podhale, nestled high up in the Tatra Mountains on the Polish side of
      the Polish and Slovak border"
      "Podhale has been changing hands of foreign suitors many a time"
      "Although the Tatra region spreads to Slovakia, this type of cheese is
      only made in Poland."
      "The regions of Podhale, Orawa and Spis are all located on the
      southern border of Poland, neighboring Slovakia."


      The European commissioners must have had a tough time keeping straight
      faces when they heard the arguments for exclusive rights to this cheese!


      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, "Martin Votruba" <votrubam@...>
      > > HAHAHA!!!! An international dispute over cheese
      > Yes, it's become similar to disputes about trademarks. The
      US--Czech > battle over Budweiser, originally also just a regional
      designation, > has still not been legally resolved.
      > The European Union has been granting exclusive rights to the names
      of > various traditional European food products. Should Poland get
      the > exclusive rights to "ostiepok," Slovakia would have to change
      its name > (at least for export). Exclusive "country" rights to, or
      "formula > standards" for the names of a number of traditional
      cheeses, liquors, > other products that didn't use to be trademarks
      have already been > legislated.
      > The EU has speeded up this process somewhat recently, and expanded
      it > enormously. In the past the dispute over the Greek claim to feta
      > cheese, for example, took about 20 years to resolve.
      > BTW, a major pan-European battle going on now is about what
      can/cannot > be called "vodka."
      > Martin
      > votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu
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